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Therapy offers a safe place for you to feel comfortable. It allows you to say out loud whatever needs to be said free of judgment and criticism. I will work with you and support you with an open mind, warmth and understanding as you heal, change and grow. Sometimes we get stuck in life & it is hard to get unstuck on our own. Seeking help from an experienced therapist may help you to find your way again & to put things into perspective.



Carl Jung stated that a “disease of the soul could be the best possible form of training for a healer.  Only a wounded physician could heal effectively”. The “Wounded Healer”, is a good listener, empathetic, accepting, and resourceful. (S)he views all experiences as opportunities. The experience of having healed my own wounds through therapy, inspired me to become a psychotherapist myself.



I offer an initial 10 minutes’ phone or online consultation to prospective clients. This is a chance for you to express your needs and learn more about the therapeutic process. If we agree on meeting for a session, the first session will be 60 minutes long and the ones following will be 50mins long.



We will first work together for at least 6 sessions to come to an assessment of what you want & need to achieve and how I can help you to get there. Based on this assessment we then embark on a therapeutic journey towards change & growth. As such, we aim for you to reclaim your joy in life, to strengthen your relationships, and/or to (re-)discover your sense of adventure. There is no ‘typical’ therapeutic journey – for some it may be swift, while for others it may be a more long-winded experience. While you as the client are in the driver’s seat, for me, as a therapist, I commit to tailor my approach to your individual needs.



I cater to clients both in Milan and online. I will receive you in a friendly and homely setting right in the heart of Milan easily accessible both by public and private transport. Or you can connect with me from anywhere around the globe for online sessions.



I have a Master Degree in Psychotherapy & Healing Practice from Middlesex University of London. The theoretical basis of my training is Jungian Psychology with a focus on understanding and uncovering unconscious processes through Integrative and Holistic approaches. I am keen on assessing human development; how symptoms form from infancy & childhood, and how they may to persist into adulthood. I approach my clients through a variety of methods that are rooted in Jungian practice, but I also draw from Freudian and post-Freudian theories on development, including those of Klein, Winnicott, Erickson, and Bowlby. I put these elements of theory into practice according to each individual’s need, in order to get a holistic view of the client. As such, I aim to facilitate the integration and healing of body, mind, spirit and feeling that is innate to each individual. To this end, I employ Jungian Dream Analysis, Inner Child Work, Creative Imagination, Mindfulness, Transactional Analysis, and Relational Therapy.

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