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I was born in Naples, Italy, and before settling in Milan I lived and worked in Strasbourg (F), Parma (I), London (UK), and New York (US). After gaining a degree in Medicine and a specialty in Nephrology, I went on to obtain a PhD in Immunology at King’s College of London.


While I worked for few years in various University Hospitals in London as a physician, I felt that there was something missing from my life. I was neglecting an aspect of myself that was desperate to be acknowledged and that needed to be brought back to the forefront. I therefore decided to take a sabbatical to embark on a personal therapeutic journey, exploring long-forgotten passions with the aim to re-establish my inner joy.


What was meant to be a year of self-reflection turned into a 6 years-gap during which time I trained professionally as an actress both in London and in New York. I then went on to launch my stage career in Milan, featuring in plays either in English or in Italian. I also worked on translations and adaptations of American and British plays into Italian.


Exploring the various characters, I personified on stage, and combining the insights I gained from that with my own personal experiences undergoing therapy, I developed a profound interest in the intricacies of the human mind and psychology in general. It prompted me to take on an Integrative Psychotherapy and Healing Practice MA at Middlesex University of London. During my studies I split my time between London and Milan where I undertook clinical placements at San Paolo Hospital, and started to work with patients.


I now work as Therapist in Milan, both in presence and online, in Italian, English and French. I also provide therapy and coaching as a counsellor to students, hailing from Italy but also from abroad in a collaboration with the University “Statale” of Milan. I moreover combine my skills in medicine, psychology, and acting through teaching Communications Skills at the International Medical School of the University “Hunimed” of Milan. As a Communication Skills expert, I train healthcare professionals on how to have “difficult conversations in a medical setting”. I also give workshops on relational and communication skills in the workplace for companies.

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